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Pacific Northwest Trip: Day #3 The walk back

DAY #3 part 2 The walk back

With my belly full of beer I decided that I needed to work off all the empty (yet delicious) calories I’ve consumed in the day. So instead of flagging down another cab I decided I would just make the 3+ miles walk back to downtown Seattle. The only downside was the fact that a majority of my trip went through the industrial part of town, so it wasn’t the most “scenic” walk possible. Either way I headed north with the sun hiding behind the clouds and a faint breeze blowing on my face.  Continue reading

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The Horror (Elysian Brewing Co.)

I initially ordered this beer because of the name. You must admit that the name THE HORROR is pretty badass. It also didn’t hurt that Belgian Stout is a style of beer that I’m not all the familiar with and I’m always looking to expand my beer knowledge. Although sites such as Beer Advocate state that most “Belgian Stouts” are either American Stouts or Belgian Dark Ales, but since Belgian Stouts are growing in popularity I’m going to declare this a new style (because I have power like that). The Horror clocks in with a 6.4% ABV.  Continue reading

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