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Pacific Northwest Trip: Day #3 The walk back

DAY #3 part 2 The walk back

With my belly full of beer I decided that I needed to work off all the empty (yet delicious) calories I’ve consumed in the day. So instead of flagging down another cab I decided I would just make the 3+ miles walk back to downtown Seattle. The only downside was the fact that a majority of my trip went through the industrial part of town, so it wasn’t the most “scenic” walk possible. Either way I headed north with the sun hiding behind the clouds and a faint breeze blowing on my face.  Continue reading

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Pacific Northwest Trip: Day #3 the Great Pumpkin Beer Fest


I woke up Sunday Morning and immediately jumped online to find the Eagles vs. Bills game. It quickly became apparent that Philly was not gonna win this one, so I wasn’t too concerned that I was gonna have to miss it (the first game this year I didn’t watch).

With myself showered and ready to greet the day I stepped out in to the early morning drizzle in search of something to eat. After consulting my phone I found a nice little diner called Planet Java and made my way there. As I ate my breakfast I was forced to watch the Giants vs. Seahawks game (which NY ended up winning, boo). Continue reading

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Aaahhh…Gus Gus (Naked City Brewery)


With one last ticket in my hand I made my way around the event searching for my final beer. By this point many of the beers on my list had long since been finished off, leaving me with but a few “new” beers to try. In all honesty it was the name of this beer that made me choose it: AAAHHH…GUS GUS. The name told me nothing about the beer and sometimes that the best way to do it. Continue reading

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Dark o’ the Moon (Elysian Brewing Co.)


Yay! Free Beer! At this point of the evening the fine folks from Elysian brought out the hammer and tapped into the ‘Great Pumpkin‘. For those of you who don’t know the Great Pumpkin was a very large pumpkin that had been hollowed out and filled with their DARK O’ THE MOON Pumpkin Stout. I didn’t hear how long the beer had been in the pumpkin, but I can tell you it was worth the wait. Continue reading

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Coche de Medianoche (Elysian Brewing Co.


When I originally went to Elysian Fields to try to buy a ticket I asked the bartender what beer was his favorite. He said that he couldn’t pick a favorite, but his least favorite was the COCHE DE MEDIANOCHE. He claimed that the spiciness dominated the flavor and was undrinkable to him. Call me odd, but that sound like a recommendation to me… Continue reading

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Pumpkineater (Howe Sound)


When it came time to pick beer number 9 I decided to get in line (since it was quite long) and decide by the time I got up to the front. Obviously what I did was not make up my mind until the nice young lady was asking me what I would like. It came down to either HOP GOBLIN or PUMPKINEATER. I didn’t know what to do, so I just blurted out “Pumpkineater!” and handed over my ticket. Well played, good sir. Well played. Continue reading

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Extra Special Butternut (Snoqualmie Falls Brewing)


There was two reasons I went for this beer: 1. I’m a fan of the ESB beer style and 2. I’ve never had a beer with butternut squash. Continue reading

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La Parcela 2008 (Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales)


After a few other beer styles to cleanse the pallete, I figured it was time to come back to the sour beers. LA PARCELA was available in both the current vintage and a 2008 version, so I decided to go for the older of the two. Continue reading

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Punk’n Bbomb (Fremont Brewing)


As soon as I saw that this beer was aged in bourbon barrels I knew I had to give it a try. I couldn’t find the ABV for Punk’n Bbomb anywhere in the event guide or online. Hmmm… Continue reading

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Ursa Orange (Elysian Brewing Co.)


For beer number five I figured “When in Rome!” and decided to go with another Elysian Brewing Company beer (the host of the event). With 13 different Elysian brews to choose from I decided to go with one that sound very “unique”. URSA ORANGE is a Berliner Weiss-style pumpkin beer (something that I’ve never had), but with an even more original twist: the inclusion of a shot of pumpkin syrup after the pour! Continue reading

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