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Longfin Lager (Ballast Point Brewing Company)

My second MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK beer is from San Diego, California for tonight’s late game.

I had originally purchased this beer for a day long movie marathon my coworkers and I routinely do. When I went to look through my stock for a San Diego beer I found this was hiding in the back and it sounded like a great football beer.

Longfin Lager labelLONGFIN LAGER is a Munich Helles Lager with an easy drinking 4.6% ABV.

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Barmy Ale (Ballast Point Brewing Company)

For my second beer of the night I decided to go with a style of beer I’ve never had before. The Wheatwine is a style that not a lot of brewers brew that often, so I had only heard of it up to this point. So as soon as I saw one on tap at Ballast Point night I knew that I had to give it a shot. And boy was I glad I did.

BARMY ALE is a Wheatwine with a hearty 10.5% ABV.

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Indra Kunindra (Ballast Point Brewing Company)

I arrived at Mohawk Bend for “Ballast Point Spirits and Beer Extravaganza!” and was quickly seated. They Ballast Point beer menu listed several beers that I had never had before so it quickly became a numbers game of how much could I drink and still drive myself home at the end of the night. Since I had planned to order food when the rest of my party arrived I didn’t want to ruin my taste buds by going for the Habanero Sculpin so instead I settled on a beer brewed with cumin, curry, and coconut. Good call.

INDRA KUNINDRA is an India Style Export Stout brewed with a 7% ABV.

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LA BEER WEEK – Day 3: “Hook, Line and Sinker” Ballast Point night at Blue Palms

Day 3 of LA Beer Week featured several Ballast Point brewery beers on tap at Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood.  With an event title like “Hook, Line and Sinker” I couldn’t help but get reeled in.  We arrived a little after 8 and were surprised to see that the place wasn’t that crowded.  Within seconds we had a table and I had my first drink in my hands….Sculpin IPA (on nitro).

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Yellowtail Pale Ale (Ballast Point)

Yellowtail is a pale ale brewed in the Kolsch style (only beers brewed in Cologne, Germany can officially claim the “Kolsch” name).   Kolschs are known for their hoppiness and for being top-fermented (a.k.a. lagered), and the Yellowtail Pale Ale fits the bill. Continue reading

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