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Okto Festival Ale (Widmer Bros. Brewing)

Ah, fall. It’s my favorite time of the year. The weather is getting cool(er), the leaves are changing, horror movies are playing on TV, and breweries are releasing their autumn seasonals. What’s not to love? With that in mind I picked up a fall seasonal six pack from one of the more consistent breweries out there, Widmer Brothers Brewing.

OKTO FESTIVAL ALE is an Oktoberfest style beer with a 5.3% ABV and 28 IBUs. Beeradvocate has this one listed as an Altbier, but however you want to label it, it’s available from August-October.

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Citra Blonde Summer Brew (Widmer Bros. Brewing)

With summer “officially” over (they’re calling for temps in the 90s next week) I figured it’s time to write up my final review of a summer seasonal. Even though I got sick of this beer after we ordered a keg of it, it was still one of the best summer seasonals I discovered this year.

CITRA BLONDE SUMMER BREW is an American Blonde Ale from Oregon’s Widmer Bros. Brewing. This summer seasonal has a perfect for a hot day 4.3% ABV.

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Brrr (Widmer Bros. Brewing)

Brrr is the winter seasonal from Widmer Brothers Brewing (as you probably guessed from the Winter Warmer tag).  This cold weather beer is available from late October to January and has an ABV of 7.2% with 50 IBUs.

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Drop Top Amber Ale (Widmer Bros. Brewing)

Drop Top Amber Ale is another gold medal beer from the fine folks at Widmer Brothers Brewing.  A complex, but oh so drinkable amber ale that has quickly become a favorite of mine.

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