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Obscura Arborea (Telegraph Brewing Co.)

I took a random day trip to Santa Barbera to visit the Telegraph Brewing Co. While there I picked up a bottle of their limited edition sour ale OBSCURA ARBOREA. After a few months of setting on it (unplanned, mind you) I decided to crack it open and give it a try.

Obscura Arborea is a Flanders Oud Bruin with a 9% ABV. Continue reading


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Golden Wheat Ale (Telegraph Brewing Co.)

After having tried the Reserve Wheat, I figured I might as well try it’s “plain jane” cousin Golden Wheat Ale. Just like RWA, Golden Wheat Ale has a 5.0% ABV.

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Reserve Wheat Ale (Telegraph Brewing Co.)

A few weeks back I decide to take a day trip up to Santa Barbara, California. Along the way I remembered that Telegraph Brewing Company was located in beautiful Santa Barbara. Needless to say, I knew I had to make a trip to the brewery to check out what they had to offer straight from the tap. This was the first beer of the day. Reserve Wheat Ale is an American Wild Ale with a middle of the road 5.0% ABV.

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California Ale (Telegraph Brewing Co.)

California Ale is a brew from Santa Barbara California’s Telegraph Brewing Company.  Coming from a region that is known more for their wine then their beer, California Ale is being called a “California ale”.  That’s genius naming on the part of the Telegraph brewers. Continue reading

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