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Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale (Boston Beer Co.)

Even though they haven’t all been hits, I’ve enjoyed what Samuel Adams (aka The Boston Beer Company) has been doing with their new line of Limited Release beers. As you would expect, they jumped on the autumn seasonal band wagon. And even less shockingly, they brewed a Pumpkin Ale.

FAT JACK DOUBLE PUMPKIN ALE is a Pumpkin Ale (duh) with an 8.5% ABV.

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Kick (New Belgium Brewing)

New Belgium’s “Lips of Faith” series is hands down my favorite thing going in beer right now. Every single bottle I see I have to purchase. It doesn’t matter what style, it doesn’t matter the cost, I must have it. So when I saw KICK on the shelf at my local beer store (a Lips of Faith pumpkin ale?!?!) I knew I must have it.

Kick is a collaboration between New Belgium and Elysian Brewing. This fruit/vegetable beer 14 IBUs, 254 calories and a potentially troublesome 8.5% ABV.

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Smashed Pumpkin (Shipyard Brewing Company)

There’s something fancy about a bottle with a foil-wrapped cap. It’s similar to those with the traditional cage & cork, they just give off a more sophisticated vibe (even if the beer doesn’t live up to it). SMASHED PUMPKIN is one of those beers.

Part of Shipyard’s “Pugsley’s Signature Series”, Smashed Pumpkin is an autumn seasonal comes a 9% ABV. Continue reading

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Pacific Northwest Trip: Day #3 the Great Pumpkin Beer Fest


I woke up Sunday Morning and immediately jumped online to find the Eagles vs. Bills game. It quickly became apparent that Philly was not gonna win this one, so I wasn’t too concerned that I was gonna have to miss it (the first game this year I didn’t watch).

With myself showered and ready to greet the day I stepped out in to the early morning drizzle in search of something to eat. After consulting my phone I found a nice little diner called Planet Java and made my way there. As I ate my breakfast I was forced to watch the Giants vs. Seahawks game (which NY ended up winning, boo). Continue reading

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Aaahhh…Gus Gus (Naked City Brewery)


With one last ticket in my hand I made my way around the event searching for my final beer. By this point many of the beers on my list had long since been finished off, leaving me with but a few “new” beers to try. In all honesty it was the name of this beer that made me choose it: AAAHHH…GUS GUS. The name told me nothing about the beer and sometimes that the best way to do it. Continue reading

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Coche de Medianoche (Elysian Brewing Co.


When I originally went to Elysian Fields to try to buy a ticket I asked the bartender what beer was his favorite. He said that he couldn’t pick a favorite, but his least favorite was the COCHE DE MEDIANOCHE. He claimed that the spiciness dominated the flavor and was undrinkable to him. Call me odd, but that sound like a recommendation to me… Continue reading

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Punk’n Bbomb (Fremont Brewing)


As soon as I saw that this beer was aged in bourbon barrels I knew I had to give it a try. I couldn’t find the ABV for Punk’n Bbomb anywhere in the event guide or online. Hmmm… Continue reading

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