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Peaches & Cream (Short’s Brewing Company)

I was given this bottle by a friend with the warning that he found it too sweet to drink a full sixpack. I’m an adventurous beer drinker and I often like sweeter/fruitier beers that some of my friends don’t, so I figured I could handle this. Let’s see if I was right…

Peaches & Cream labelPEACHES & CREAM is a fruit beer from Michigan’s Short’s Brewing Company. They brewery calls it a Golden Ale, whereas Beer Advocate refers to it as a Fruit Beer. Regardless of the designation, this beer has a shockingly large 8.3% ABV and an equal surprisingly 43 IBUs. Continue reading

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KBS – Kentucky Breakfast Stout (Founders Brewing Company)

With the men’s NCAA Championship on the TV I figured it would be a perfect time to bring out a bottle that I’ve been sitting on a while. A beer that was brewed in Michigan that had the name Kentucky in the title felt very fitting for a night where the University of Michigan battled the University of Louisville. It also didn’t hurt that said beer was considered one of the best in the word.

KBS-Label smallFOUNDERS KBS – KENTUCKY BREAKFAST STOUT is an American Imperial Stout with a hearty 11.2% ABV and a surprising 70 IBUs. Continue reading

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Hopslam (Bell’s Brewery)

I didn’t get into craft beer until after I moved to California (a little over six years ago), so I haven’t been able to enjoy much of Bell’s Brewery’s output. Every time I find myself back in Ohio I try to grab as many Bell’s products as possible. Normally I’m not there at the right time to try any of their critically acclaimed beers, but thanks to a beer trade with a friend back home I’ve secured one of the big guns.

HOPSLAM is a winter seasonal Double IPA (an odd combination) that has a 10% ABV.

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La Parcela 2008 (Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales)


After a few other beer styles to cleanse the pallete, I figured it was time to come back to the sour beers. LA PARCELA was available in both the current vintage and a 2008 version, so I decided to go for the older of the two. Continue reading

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Noel de Calabaza (Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales)


This beer was given to me as a Christmas present and had been setting in my fridge waiting for me ever since. A couple of weeks back I decided to crack it open and have a taste of my very first Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ale. Noel de Calabaza is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale that is released in December and comes in at a belly warming 9% ABV.

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Oarsman Ale (Bell’s Brewery)

Oarsman Ale is a sour mash wheat ale from Kalamazoo’s Bell’s Brewery. This beer is available year-round and has an easy drinking 4% ABV.

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Batch 10,000 Ale (Bell’s Brewery)

Batch 10,000 Ale is an American Strong Ale from Michigan’s Bell’s Brewery. Brewed to commemorate Bell’s 10,000 batch of beer, this 9.2% ABV beer is one time only drinking experience.

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