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Palate Wrecker (Green Flash Brewing Company)

I’ll admit, I judge books by their covers. A lot of my beer purchases are made because of a cool label/logo/name. This is why I often overlook Green Flash’s beers. I’m well aware of the fact that they make great beers, but their presentation leaves a lot to be desired. I went against this thinking recently and picked up a four-pack of their new(ish) Double IPA.

Palate Wrecker labelPALATE WRECKER is an Imperial IPA with a heavy 9.5% ABV and 100+ IBUs (brewmaster Chuck Silva says it’s somewhere around 149).

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West Coast India Pale Ale (Green Flash Brewing Company)

West Coast India Pale Ale is a California-style IPA from San Diego’s own Green Flash Brewing Company.  This hoppy behemoth has 95 IBUs and an AVB of 7.3%.

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