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Heal the Bay IPA (Golden Road Brewing)

The quality of the beers produced by Golden Road has been a very divisive subject in the craft beer world. Beer drinkers were “upset” that the quality of the beer didn’t quite live up to the quality of the marketing supporting it. Golden Road heard the rumblings and made some changes in the brewhouse. These changes lead to some new beers and some tweaks to the original line-up. This is my first Golden Road review for one of these new brews.

Heal the Bay labelHEAL THE BAY IPA is an American IPA with 68 IBUs and 6.5% ABV.  Continue reading

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Tumbledown Shack (Golden Road Brewing)

I love me a good Barleywine. The problem is that they’re not all that readily available. Sure, a handful of breweries have one in their rotation, but few make them well. Will this one make the cut?

Golden Road Brewing logo

TUMBLEDOWN SHACK is an American Barleywine with a 10% ABV. Continue reading

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Golden Road Berliner Weisse (Golden Road Brewing)

With a chill in the air and a rumble in my stomach, I decided to take advantage of my shortened work day by swinging by Golden Road Brewing on the way home. It had been a while since I had stopped by, so I was hoping that they would have some new beers on tap for me to try. I was not disappointed.

GRB Berliner Weisse

GOLDEN ROAD BERLINER WEISSE is a Berliner Weissbier (hence the name) with a super sippable 2.8% ABV.

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Get Up Offa That Brown (Golden Road Brewing)

I’ve been on a Brown Ale kick lately that was started by my roommates and I deciding to brew a Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar clone. Our beer(s) turned out quite nicely (we kegged one five gallon batch with homemade pecan extract instead of hazelnut) and ever since I’ve sought out Brown Ales on the tap anywhere I go.  This past weekend I was near the Golden Road brewery and jonesing for a beer (like normal), so I figured I’d swing by pub to see what was on tap. And what do you know, they had their Brown Ale all kegged up and waiting for me.

GET UP OFFA THAT BROWN is an American Brown Ale with a mild 5% ABV.

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Golden Road Hefeweizen (Golden Road Brewing)

There are currently two Golden Road Brewing beers available in tall boy four packs. Their Point the Way IPA (which I reviewed here) and the aptly titled GOLDEN ROAD HEFEWEIZEN.

Golden Road’s other flagship beer, Golden Road Hefeweizen, is a Bavarian style hef with a 4.6% ABV and a barely there 15 IBUs.

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Point the Way IPA (Golden Road Brewing)

Golden Road Brewing is one of the newest craft breweries here in Los Angeles. Created by Tony Yanow (of the CA-centric beer bar Tony’s Darts Away) and Meg Gill (formerly of Oskar Blues) the two of them have decided to make environmentally friendly (they can their beer), easy drinking craft beer. Their signature beer is the “anytime beer” POINT THE WAY IPA.

Point the Way IPA is an American IPA made for drinking anytime, anywhere. Available on tap and in 16 oz. tallboy cans, this beer has 60 IBUs and a 5.2% ABV.

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