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ACBW Vintage Barleywine (Karl Strauss Brewery)

With American Craft Beer Week starting this weekend brewers are starting to release beers to commemorate this wonder time of year. Karl Strauss has decided to break out a couple kegs of their 2011 Barleywine.

ACBW VINTAGE BARLEYWINE is an English Barleywine a 9.5% ABV and 50 IBUs.

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Citywalk Pale Ale (Karl Strauss Brewery)

Ever since I moved out of North Hollywood I don’t go to Karl Strauss Brewery as often as I’d like. Once in a while I’ll make my way back to Citywalk with hopes of trying a new beer or two. I found myself at Karl Strauss this past Wednesday and they had a couple of beers on tap that caught my eye. There was a couple big guys on the beer board, so I decided to start it simple and go with a Pale Ale.

CITYWALK PALE ALE is an American Pale Ale.

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