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Coffee Monster (Port Brewing/Pizza Port)

I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest Porter expert. I do enjoy one every once in a while, but I usually avoid them in social situations because of their heavy bodies. However, sometimes a chocolatey, coffee-filled beast is just what the doctor ordered.

COFFEE MONSTER is an American Porter with a 9% ABV.

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Reed’s Wee Heavy (Port Brewing/Pizza Port)

Beer number 2 was from a style that I am always on the lookout for, but isn’t brewed by too many brewers: the Wee Heavy Scottish Ale.

REED’S WEE HEAVY is a Scottish Ale/Wee Heavy. It has a caber tossing 9% ABV.

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Pants Optional Pale Ale (Port Brewing/Pizza Port)

Pale Ales are always a good way to kick off a night of drinking. They’re usually flavorful, but not too big. Have just enough booze, without getting you drunk after one beer. And give you a little blast of hoppy goodness to wake up your palate. PANTS OPTIONAL PALE ALE has all this plus the benefit of an awesome name.

Pants Optional is an American Pale Ale with a 6.6% ABV.

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