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San Diego Birthday Weekend: Day #1

This past Friday marked my 30th birthday. In honor of that magnificent (horrific) day I wanted to get out of L.A. and drink some beer while I was at it. So, once work was out on Friday I jumped in the car and headed south to San Diego.

Rush hour traffic made getting out of Los Angeles a little more time consuming then I would have hoped, but soon I was on the open road and heading south.

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Carlsbad Chronic (Port Brewing/Pizza Port)

I wanted something “smaller” for my final beer of the night since it had been a long and eventful day. Amber Ales are traditionally aren’t known for being big or in your face, so they lend themselves to being great beginning/ending beers. This time was no different.

CARLSBAD CHRONIC is an American Amber Ale with a sessionable 5% ABV.

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