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Batch 1000 – Bryeian (The Bruery)

The Bruery is one brewery (that feels redundant, but I couldn’t think of a better way to put it) that keeps reeling me back in. Even if I didn’t enjoy the last x number of beers of theirs I tried, I’ll still get excited when something new hits the shelves/taps. This holds doubly true for anything that could be considered a “one off”. And that is exactly what this beer is.

Bryeian labelBATCH 1000 – BRYEIAN is a Cascadian Dark Ale/Black Ale with a 7% ABV that was brewed to celebrate their 1000 batch of beer. Continue reading


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Iniquity Imperial Black Ale (Southern Tier Brewing Company)

Iniquity Imperial Black Ale is a an IPA with a 9.0% ABV. It’s brewed using 2-row pale malt, debittered black malt, Chinook and cascade hops, with a Willamette hop back and dried cascade and centennial hops.

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