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Beer Camp: Belgian Style Black IPA (Sierra Nevada Brewing Company)

This beer was chosen when I read the description and said “What is this??”.

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2013 smallBEER CAMP: BELGIAN STYLE BLACK IPA is a Belgian IPA with a 7.7% ABV and 52 IBUs.

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Beer Camp: Clean Sweep (Sierra Nevada Brewing Company)

The second day of my beer journey saw me driving almost all the way across the beautiful state of California (from Reno, Nevada to Chico, California). So it was no surprise that by the time I made it to Sierra Nevada I was hankerin’ for a beer. More specifically for a beer with some hops! Being that I don’t get up that way very often I wanted to try something that I hadn’t had before and probably wouldn’t get access to again. I scanned the back page of their beer menu and saw a Black IPA that caught my eye. It was part of their Beer Camp series, so I knew that this might be my only chance. With the sun setting I made my first beer order.

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2013 smallCLEAN SWEEP is a Black IPA with a simple 3.5% ABV.

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