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Pecan Harvest Ale (Abita Brewing Company)

Week 4 of MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK takes us to New Orleans, Louisiana. When it came time for me to choose a beer to review I wasn’t given many options for Louisiana craft brew output. So when I went to the beer store to find something I decided to go with the Pecan Harvest Ale since we had just (re)brewed a pecan brown ale ourselves and I figured it be nice to have something to compare ours to when it is ready to drink in a few weeks. Regardless of why I chose it, let’s get on to the review.

Pecan Harvest label smallPECAN HARVEST ALE is an American Brown Ale with a drinkable 5.1% ABV and mild 20 IBUs.

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Abita Christmas Ale 2009 (Abita Brewing Company)

The final (late) winter seasonal beer review!

Abita Christmas Ale is, you guessed it, the winter seasonal from Louisiana’s own Abita Brewing Company.

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