Yulesmith – Summer (Alesmith Brewing Company)

Just to give you an idea of how far behind I am in my beer reviews this beer was purchased and consumed on the 4th of July. Yup, almost 2 whole months ago. What’s the point of buying holiday themed beers if you’re not going to review them on/around said holiday? I don’t know. And after years of doing this blog I still fall into the same trappings. SMH Anyway, on to the review.

YuleSmith-Summer logoYULESMITH (SUMMER) is their Double IPA version of the Yulesmith beer. This variation is available in summer (da-doy!) and has a 9.5% ABV.

Yulesmith - SummerDuring the summer, YuleSmith is transformed into a big, hoppy, Double IPA. The enormous load of hops requires a substantial malt background to create just the right balance for a Double IPA. Lighter in color, summer YuleSmith is available around the 4th of July and is packaged in a red, white, and blue bottle.

While drinking this beer on a pleasantly warm July day I found it quite fitting that the beer itself was a sunny yellow color and very clear. Even though the head was billowy, there was only a small amount of bubbles carbonating the beer. Small splashes of lacing appear after each drink.

Like a majority of the West Coast/San Diego DIPAs, Yulesmith has a nose full of hop resin and pine sap. Grass and sweet citrus (tangerine with a dash of lemon) notes were also detected, along with some sweet wheat and honey malts for balance.

Once again the hop resin takes center stage, delivering a big dose of piney goodness. Tangerine, biscuits, and hay fill out the middle of each sip. It finishes with a hefty medicinal/herbal hop bitterness that reminds you this is an Imperial IPA.

All things considered the mouthfeel still manages to be light and airy. It dissolves surprisingly quick, but leaves behind ye olde hop burn.

Although Yulesmith (Summer) isn’t a bad beer, I expected something less abrasive than it turned out to be. The nose was interesting, but alas the resinous hops took over the show and made the taste less balanced than I would have preferred.

Overall: 7 out of 10

As an IMPERIAL IPA: 7 out of 10


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