Hoss Rye Lager (Great Divide Brewery)

I picked up this beer in a Great Divide mix-pack. Mix-packs are one of my favorite ways of discovering beers that I’ve never tried before and/or would never buy on their own. This is one of those cases. It wasn’t until recently that I made the choice to start trying more lagers. Traditionally, I felt that the brewing process retarded the brewers ability to create a unique and flavorful beer, but I’m starting to see the error of my ways.

Great Divide Hoss Rye Lager labelHOSS RYE LAGER is a Märzen with a 6.2% ABV.

Great Divide Hoss Rye LagerHOSS is based on the Märzen lagers of Germany. Rich, layered malt notes, with hints of cherry and dark fruits, dominate, while the unique addition of rye imparts a slightly earthy, spicy character. Hoss finishes crisp and dry, and its brilliant red-orange color is a toast to the sunsets that make the perfect backdrop for this beer.

Just like any Märzen worth its salt, Hoss pours a delectable caramel brown color. Mild carbonation floats up to a bubbly, white filmy head. Lacing is slight to moderate.

The nose left something to be desired. The major flavors I picked up (and trust me, I searched the entire time I was drinking it) were caramel, rye, dishwater, and a hint of green tea.

The taste starts with a three-way blend of malt, caramel, and rye (in that order). Hints of mild roastiness and clove appear toward the end of each sip. As the beer warms the green tea and dishwater flavors start to come through. I would definitely suggest drinking this one cold.

Mouthfeel is light, but sticky. Thankfully the high level of carbonation keeps the stickiness from being annoying.

Hoss isn’t a bad beer. It’s just not a very memorable beer. The flavors are too light and unimpressive to really keep me coming back. I’m glad that I got this as part of a mix-pack and not a standalone purchase.

Overall: 5 out of 10

As a MÄRZEN: 4.5 out of 10


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