Golden Road Berliner Weisse (Golden Road Brewing)

With a chill in the air and a rumble in my stomach, I decided to take advantage of my shortened work day by swinging by Golden Road Brewing on the way home. It had been a while since I had stopped by, so I was hoping that they would have some new beers on tap for me to try. I was not disappointed.

GRB Berliner Weisse

GOLDEN ROAD BERLINER WEISSE is a Berliner Weissbier (hence the name) with a super sippable 2.8% ABV.

GRB Berliner glassSummer needs a siren, so we brewed this beer to ring in another toasty Los Angeles summer. This bright, refreshingly tart wheat beer is our ode to the traditional German Berliner Weisse, which boasts some substantial pucker power. Take much to tradition? Ask for yours served with Woodruff or raspberry syrup. You may call this beer “Summer in a Glass” if you’d like.

I irony of drinking a summer beer on a cold December day wasn’t lost on me as I carried the tulip glass back to my table.

The beer poured a murky yellow color. It honestly looked like a puréed banana. Or perhaps a watered down banana daiquiri. The head was a finger of creamy white, that left plenty of lacing up and down the glass.

Tart. If I had to describe the smell of this beer in one word, that’s what it’d be. It was actually so tart that I had a hard time describing that tartness. Clementine rind, Sweettarts candy, and a touch of hard water with detectable at first. As the beer warmed up a touch, it was quite chilly when I first got it, hints of bubblegum became noticeable.

Still tart. And now we come back to that word. The taste hits you with a blast of mouth-puckering tartness. It then mellows into some fruity notes (orange, tangerine), before ending with a faint touch of sourdough. The tartness if almost palpable, thus overshadowing any other flavors that may be locked inside this brew. Once again as it warms it takes on a more Belgian flavor, with notes of banana and clove standing alongside the “T” word.

Mouthfeel is relatively light, but there is a chalkiness present that is very un-beer like. It was almost more like drinking some sort of medicine and it even left a little residue behind when it left.

I’m glad to see Golden Road expanding their line-up. There’s nothing that annoys me more than a brewery that only has the beers on tap that you can get in the stores. That being said, the Berliner Weisse is not a typical style, so they must be commended for that alone. This beer is definitely tart and might serve as a good transition between a hefeweizen and a sour ale.

Overall: 6 out of 10

As a BERLINER WEISSBIER: 6.5 out of 10


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