Sour Apple Saison (Epic Brewing)

Sometimes a simple ingredient can make me buy a beer…and this was one of those times. Seeing that this beer was brewed with sour apples (a flavor I love) I knew that it was something that I would need to experience. Was it everything I expected…

SOUR APPLE SAISON is a Saison/Farmhouse Ale with an 8.1% ABV.

Sweet, yet dry and tart, apples spiced with coriander, grains of paradise, anise, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger.  There is no wrong way to enjoy this Saison Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale!

The beer pours a peach color that reminded me of champagne. Head is barely there before its gone to just an island of foam. Slight carbonation has bubbles running up the side of the glass.

I was surprised by the fact that apple wasn’t the first thing I smelled in the nose of this beer. It begins with sea weed, fennel seeds, and flowers (my roommate says roses). There a scent that’s not unlike an apple pie.

The taste starts spicy and floral with a touch of green apple at the end. Fennel is quite forward in this beer, creating a fabulous blend of spicy and sweet. Sadly there is a dish soap quality present to this beer (I’m not ruling out the possibility that this came from my glassware).

Mouthfeel is lightish with a slight bubblyness (Why yes, I am a wordsmith). It evaporates quickly, but leaves a little spice behind to reel you back in.

I really liked this beer, but I wish there was more apple flavor. Had it not been in the name, then I wouldn’t have missed it as much as I did, but since it specifically says “sour apple” I was looking forward to it. As a Saison it works well, but as a Sour Apple Saison it falls short.

Overall: 7 out of 10

As a SAISON: 8 out of 10

FOR FANS OF: Ommegang HENNEPIN, Goose Island SOFIE, Fantôme SAISON


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