Golden Road Hefeweizen (Golden Road Brewing)

There are currently two Golden Road Brewing beers available in tall boy four packs. Their Point the Way IPA (which I reviewed here) and the aptly titled GOLDEN ROAD HEFEWEIZEN.

Golden Road’s other flagship beer, Golden Road Hefeweizen, is a Bavarian style hef with a 4.6% ABV and a barely there 15 IBUs.

When you want to learn how to make a proper Bavarian style Hefeweizen you go to Bavaria, so that’s just what we did. What we learned there has been transformed into Golden Road Hefezweizen, a refreshing South German style Hefeweizen with just a pinch of California influence.

After taking in aromas of banana, spice, orange and lemon, expect a crisp and balanced Hefeweizen with medium body and a dry finish that will leave you thinking about that next sip.

When I think of hefeweizens I think of citrus fruit, which is why I wasn’t surprised when this beer poured a cloudy orange pulp color. The head was a frothy creamsicle white with bubbles running up the side of the glass. Lacey suds are left behind as the beer is consumed.

The smell is grainy and sweet. Orange and tangerine dominate the nose and bring me right back to my thoughts of citrus. Bubble gum hints are present, which leads to a very Belgian-like quality in the nose.

Taste is light and muted. It starts with a hint of sourdough, before fading to a blend of bubble gum and orange. A sweet note rings out at the end which makes you want more. Not a very big flavor.

Mouthfeel is frothy and light. There is a faint hard water-like “stiffness”, but it doesn’t affect drinkability much. Goes down smooth with only a teenie bit of residue left behind.

Although this isn’t the most flavorful Hefeweizen it is easy drinking and light. Golden Road Hefeweizen is a beer more suited for an evening of drinking on the beach than it is a beer to enjoy with a six course meal. If you’re planning a session in the warm sun of Southern California, then Golden Road Hefeweizen would be a welcomed addition.

Overall: 7 out of 10

As a HEFEWEIZEN: 6.5 out of 10


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