San Diego Birthday Weekend: Day #1

This past Friday marked my 30th birthday. In honor of that magnificent (horrific) day I wanted to get out of L.A. and drink some beer while I was at it. So, once work was out on Friday I jumped in the car and headed south to San Diego.

Rush hour traffic made getting out of Los Angeles a little more time consuming then I would have hoped, but soon I was on the open road and heading south.

I rolled into Carlsbad around 7:30 and made my way to Pizza Port – Carlsbad. When I drove past the bar I could see that it was awfully packed inside, but I was lucky to find a spot in the parking lot. I made my way inside and pushing my way through the throngs of screaming children, yes, screaming children. Thankfully there was one spot open at the bar and I was able to instantly get a seat. There were several beers on the board that I wanted to try, but I usually try to start with something “smallish” to get my palate warmed up. PANTS OPTIONAL PALE ALE had a catchy name, a not too large 6.6% ABV and was from a style that I know pretty well, so it was my number one pick.

With my first glass of beer in front of me, I went and got in line to get some food. With some garlic breadsticks and bbq chicken pizza order I went back to my waiting brew. It was everything that I wanted from the beer. I finished it rather quickly and got ready to order my second beer.

I found myself in a predicament at this point. There were several beers on the board that I wanted to choose, but I had to keep in mind that I had food coming. If I ordered something too flavorful or dark, then it may clash with my pizza. In hindsight I probably should have saved the easy drinking Pale Ale for my food beer, but what can you do. There were a lot of beers on the board that featured big chocolate flavors and I knew that those were not gonna work. I eventually decided on REED’S WEE HEAVY SCOTCH ALE and received my beer just about the time my garlic breadsticks arrived. I waited until I’d taken a couple of sips of that marvelous beer before I started into my garlic bread. Both were just what I was hoping for and I was quickly falling in love with Pizza Port – Carlsbad.

I slowly nursed the beer as I ate my garlic bread and pizza. They were both quite good, but I needed to save room for beer (it was the reason I was there, after all). With a good chunk of the bread gone and half the pizza consumed, I was ready for beer #3. A dessert beer sounded rather fitting at this moment, so I ordered a pint of the COFFEE MONSTER.

By this point the place was starting to thin out. The hordes of children had long since left and the some of the other patrons who were there I went arrived were started to show the signs of intoxication. It was about 10:30 at this point and I was starting to get a little tired. Between working, the drive and the first three beers, I knew that my day was drawing to a close. I wanted to get one more round in before hanging it up for the night, but I knew I was gonna have to play it safe. There were several big (10+% ABV) beers that looked very tasty, but that was probably not a smart idea this late in the game. CARLSBAD CHRONIC was a nice mellow Amber Ale (and there best seller), so I decided it would make a good finisher. Once again, I was not let down.

Every time I ordered another beer I was expecting it to not live up to the beer before it, but each time I was pleasantly surprised. Pizza Port – Carlsbad set a very high precedence for the weekend with their great beer and good. I left the bar around 11:30 with a giant smile on my face. I continued my journey to San Diego with a big smile on my face. This was gonna be a great weekend.

Part 2 coming soon…


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