Coffee Monster (Port Brewing/Pizza Port)

I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest Porter expert. I do enjoy one every once in a while, but I usually avoid them in social situations because of their heavy bodies. However, sometimes a chocolatey, coffee-filled beast is just what the doctor ordered.

COFFEE MONSTER is an American Porter with a 9% ABV.

Imperial coffee porter brewed with coffee beans from Portola Coffee Labs. 

Coffee Monster arrived brimming in its tulip glass. The beer was a dark brown/black color with no light penetration. A crown of napkin brown sat atop the beer as tiny bubbles ran up the side of the glass. Tendrils of lacing are left over as the beer is consumed.

Unsurprisingly the nose was heavy on coffee and coffee beans. I’ve actually had cups of coffee that didn’t smell as much like coffee as this beer does. Riesen candy and dark chocolate were also noticeable.

I’m an admitted coffee lover, but I was still glad that the flavor of this beer wasn’t as coffee-y as the nose prepared me for. The taste is similar to coffee blended with malted milk balls (I used to do this when I was younger using the Carnation Malted Milk Powder). A faint hint of organic (aka non-sugary) peanut butter appears toward the middle, before ending with a touch of chocolate covered espresso beans. As it warms the coffee flavors become more bitter and less easy drinking. I would suggest drinking this one cold like an iced coffee.

Mouthfeel is medium to light in body. It makes your mouth water slightly, before drying up and drying out.

Ever since I quit drinking coffee the only coffee tastes I ever get come from beer. If I had easier access to Coffee Monster then I would probably become a coffee junkie all over again. The coffee is big and bold, but isn’t overpowering due to the presence of the chocolate and malted milk flavors. So far Pizza Port is 3 for 3 tonight.

Overall: 8 out of 10

As a PORTER: 8.5 out of 10



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