Dunkel Weiss (New Belgium Brewing)


Dunkelweizens are really starting to grow on me. They are light and sweet, but also dark and malty. The combination makes them an “any time” beer, a.k.a. a beer that will hit the spot no matter what kinda mood you’re in. Add that in with the fact that this particular Dunkelweizen is part of the consistently tasty “Lips of Faith” series from New Belgium Brewing and I think we may just have a winner on our hands.

DUNKEL WEISS is a one-off release from New Belgium Brewing. This Dunkelweizen style ale with 9% ABV.

Cat-burglar-smooth and just as fond of the dark, Dunkel Weiss sneaks together wheat and barley malts with a pinch of black pepper. Nab one before it gives you the slip!

Dunkel Weiss pours a dark cola brown with caramel highlights. Head is a cascading foamy mess; very root beer float-like. Lacing is thick and creamy.

Now I wouldn’t say I’m the world’s foremost expert on beer, but I do have a decent working knowledge of what to expect from certain styles of beer. That being said, I was not prepared for the nose on this beer. Cocktail sauce, ketchup, and pepper float out of the bottle. As it opens up a fizzy Munich malt scent appears and pushes the nose more towards the traditional dunkelweizen smell. The warmer it gets the more the pepper smell really comes out.

Thankfully those “unique” smells in the nose do not make an appearance in the taste. Taste is cocoa wafer (like a Necco wafer)  with a cola syrup-like sweetness. A wheat dry/sweet flavors appears before giving way to the pepper. Just like in the nose the pepper comes big at the end. The wheat and dark flavors are really well-balanced.

Mouthfeel is lightish, but surprisingly viscous for the style. The flavors dry up quickly, but do leave a faint residue behind.

The Lips of Faith series always puts out good beers, and this is no exception. Even if it’s not a beer that will knock your socks off, it will at least be a good representation of a style. Dunkel Weiss is a well-balanced beer that had an extra kick (the pepper) that sets it apart.

Overall: 7.5 out of 10

As a DUNKELWEIZEN: 8.5 out of 10



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