La Folie 2010 (New Belgium Brewing)

In honor of my upcoming birthday this Friday I’ve decided to do another theme week. This week’s theme is New Belgium’s LIPS OF FAITH line. As anyone who’s read my prior reviews knows, I’m a HUGE fan of this line of beers. Each one has been well made and a joy to drink. Day 1 starts us off with a review that I was sitting on for a while now…

Here’s another review that I’ve been inadvertently sitting on for the past (almost) year. LA FOLIE 2010 is part of New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series of special release ales. Its predecessor, La Folie 2009, was my favorite beer of 2010, so needless to say, I had high hopes for this one.

La Folie is a Flanders Red Ale with a 6% ABV.

Seriously sour. This Flanders-style reddish brown ale was fermented 1 to 3 years on French oak barrels for mouth-puckering perfection. 

The beer pours the color of cranberry juice. Head is a sheet of cola brown with red highlights. It fizzes up quickly, then disappears just as fast.

There are a couple flavors I’ve come to expect from each style of beer. With the Flanders Red Ale crab apples and vinegar are two such scents. They were both present and in the forefront of the nose of La Folie 2010. Cherry, rum and dark chocolate were also there, but weren’t as present as the more “in your face” crab apple and vinegar. 2010’s nose was definitely more muted than the 2009 version.

I came back to the cranberry juice reference with my first sip of the beer. A cran-grape juice hits first, but is quickly followed by a tart wood and green apple combination in the middle of the sip. There’s a flavor in there that reminds me of the core of a red apple. The rum and chocolate notes aren’t there, or at least aren’t present enough to make it past the more overpowering flavors.

Mouthfeel is light and bubbly. It fizzes up in your mouth, then evaporates leaving a light residue.

La Folie 2010 was another great sour from the Lips of Faith series. Not quite as tasty as the ’09 vintage, but it’s a variation of the style that shows it in a positive light.

Overall: 7.5 out of 10

As a FLANDERS RED ALE: 8 out of 10

FOR FANS OF: New Belgium LA FOLIE 2011, The Bruery OUDE TART, Cascade KRIEK ALE, 


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