La Citrueille Celeste De Citracado (Stone/The Bruery/Elysian)

Stone has been making some pretty good collaboration beers with a variety of different breweries/brewers lately and what better way to keep this tradition going than by making a pumpkin ale! I may be wrong, but I think this is the first time that Stone has brewed a pumpkin ale (or even an autumn seasonal), but Elysian and The Bruery are both known for their great autumn beers (Night Owl and Autumn Maple, respectively) so I have faith in this beer.

La Citrueille Celeste De Citracado is a pumpkin ale brewed in collaboration between Stone Brewing, The Bruery and Elysian Brewing. It has a mild 5% ABV.

Brewed with Honey malt, Brown malt, and Rye malt, yams, pumpkin, toasted fenugreek, lemon verbena, and birch bark. Warrior hops, and New Zealand Motueka hops. “Citrouille”, French for pumpkin, intentionally misspelled in honor of Patrick Rue. 

I’ll tell you right now that I’m not going to write out the name of this beer every time I reference it. From now on I’ll just call it C3.

C3 pours a chestnut/maroon color. Head is a cream-colored pillow. The beer itself is mildly cloudy with bits of teenie bits of sediment floating around.

After reading that description it’s not surprising that this beer has a nose of muted caramel malts and root vegetables. Ginger ale and yam are noticeable and stand out from the other scents. There is a spiciness that is present that I couldn’t put a finger on, but then again I’m not that familiar with fenugreek, birch bark, or lemon verbena.

The taste goes ginger, root, an indeterminable sweetness and then an herbal/medicinal flavor that is most likely the fenugreek (thank you Wikipedia!). The ginger really dominates the flavor. It tastes like something that would have come out of a root cellar in a mason jar. Although I appreciate the uniqueness, I would have expect some pumpkin or yam flavors, especially considering the name and who brewed it.

Mouthfeel is mediumish and gritty. It’s dry and evaporates quickly, but leaves a dirt like residue behind (it’s not as gross as I made it sound, but it’s a fitting explanation).

La Citrueille Celeste De Citracado is another autumn seasonal that nixes the traditional pumpkin flavors for a more diverse approach to the style. The ginger and herbal flavors are definitely different, but I don’t think I could drink more than a glass or two of this beer.

Overall: 6 out of 10

As a PUMPKIN ALE: 5 out of 10


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