Pacific Northwest Trip: Day #3 the Great Pumpkin Beer Fest


I woke up Sunday Morning and immediately jumped online to find the Eagles vs. Bills game. It quickly became apparent that Philly was not gonna win this one, so I wasn’t too concerned that I was gonna have to miss it (the first game this year I didn’t watch).

With myself showered and ready to greet the day I stepped out in to the early morning drizzle in search of something to eat. After consulting my phone I found a nice little diner called Planet Java and made my way there. As I ate my breakfast I was forced to watch the Giants vs. Seahawks game (which NY ended up winning, boo).

After consuming more than enough food I made my way toward Elysian Fields in hopes of scoring a ticket to the GREAT PUMPKIN BEER FESTIVAL. Considering this was the reason that I drove to Seattle I was really hoping that I would be able to get in. I realize that this wasn’t very good planning on my part, but by the time I had decided I was going on this trip I wouldn’t have had time to get my ticket shipped to me. Thankfully they were open, but the bartender informed me that they were sold out of tickets. Uh oh…

I stepped outside and started walking toward the new Elysian Brewery and site of the GPBF. Within minutes I was able to flag down a cab and arrived at the brewery 15 minutes before the gates were set to open.

Thankfully there were only a few people in front of me in line, so I was feeling a little bit better about my chances of getting in.

After what seemed like an eternity I was able to step through the gates and purchase my tickets. Shit was about to get real.

With the price of admission I was handed a pumpkin-shaped taster glass, five drink tickets and a “program” for the event. I was actually rather impressed by the program. It had a map on the first page that showed you the layout of the site and where each beer tent/table was located (there were 8 of them). The rest of the booklet consisted of a description of each beer (its name, who brewed it, where the brewery was from, the ABV and a brief description of the beer). This made it quite easy to figure out where everything was and I was able to go through and mark off all the beers I wanted to try.

The rest of the even pretty much consisted of me going from tent to tent trying several different beers. Here is the breakdown of the first part of the day:

Beer #1: MR. YUCK

Beer #2: SOUR PUMPKIN 2010

Beer #3: PUMKING



At this point I was out of my original batch of tickets and needed to procure more. I decided to do the smart thing and grab a bottle of water while I was there. I found a seat and took a much-needed hydration break before heading back into the thick of things (aka drinking more beer).

Beer #6: PUNK’N BbOMB

Beer #7: LA PARCELA 2008



It was at this time that they rolled out “the Great Pumpkin”. The Great Pumpkin was a very large pumpkin (about two foot wide) that was setting on a pallet and had candles sticking out the top. Now, what set this apart from your average two-foot wide pumpkin with candles sticking out of the top was the fact that this one was filled with beer! Elysian’s DARK O’ THE MOON Pumpkin Stout. The crowd quickly gathered ’round, but we saddened to learn that we still had a few minutes to wait before that tapped the pumpkin. I wasn’t too upset, because I had a glass full of beer I needed to consume before I would be ready for DOTM. 


Just about the time I was finishing up Coche de Medianoche the brewers arrived with the tap and a hammer. People quickly surrounded the Great Pumpkin eagerly holding their empty tasters glasses. 

With a THWACK the beer was flowing and us beer lovers anxiously raised our taster glasses, trying to be the first to take a sip. Now, I wasn’t the first person to get my glass filled, but I was close. I covered my glass and quickly made my way out of the crowd so that I could enjoy my beer and others could get a taste.

Beer #11: DARK O’ THE MOON

With Dark O’ The Moon consumed I reached into my pocket and pulled out my last ticket. By this point several of the beers that I had marked off on my “To Try List” were gone, so I got a glass of AAAHHH…GUS GUS and settle down for pumpkin beer number 12.


I glanced at my phone and saw that it was nearing 4:45 pm. I had been at GPBF since 11:45 and I had consumed 12 different pumpkin beers. I was nearing my liquid consumption breaking point and I was all pumpkined out, so I decided to call it a day. The GPBF was a really fun time and something that I might have to do again next year.

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