Mr. Yuck (Elysian Brewing Co.)


I’m always searching for new and interesting beers and when I learned there was going to be sour beers at Great Pumpkin Beer Fest (GPBF) I knew that I had to try some. With my newfound love for sours I keyed in on the sour beers being offered and selected MR. YUCK as my first beer of the day. I figured if I’m gonna go with a sour I might as well pick a beer from the host brewery, Elysian. This sour pumpkin ale has 4.8% alcohol by weight and 5.9% alcohol by volume.

Our sour pumpkin ale has an increasingly illustrious lineage, its inoculum having come from fermenter #2 at Tangletown, which has produced such beers as Krokus, Pandemonium, Pumpkin 8472 and well, Mr. Yuck a couple other times. As long as it’s producing delicious and interesting beer we’ll leave it just the way it is. It all started with the Wyeast lambic blend, which somewhere along the way was lent out to the folks at Anacortes Brewing and came back with another couple of volunteers. This time around we brewed Mr. Yuck at Elysian Fields, letting it ferment isothermally and then warm conditioning for nearly three months before bringing it into the cold room for kegging and carbonation. We think it’s the best Yuck ever. Brewed with pale, Weyermann Munich, unmated wheat and flaked barley, incidentally bittered with Fuggles, with pumpkin in the mash, kettle and fermenter. 

Mr. Yuck pours a cloudy orangish-yellow. Head is a half-inch of bubbly foam.

I was really excited by the nose on this beer. The sourness came through full force and hit with big notes of cherry and crab apple. It actually smelled like an Applehead Candy. I was really geared up to try this beer…

but sadly the taste was COMPLETELY different from the nose. It starts with a faint pumpkin candy (artificial) sweetness before a taste of real pumpkin comes through. The backend is rather watery and bland with a bit of corn stalk-like grainiess. I didn’t detect any of the enticing sour flavors that were so prevalent in the nose.

Mouthfeel is light and airy. It evaporates quickly, leaving only a slight residue behind.

Mr. Yuck was a shocking beer, but not in a good way. It’s like someone asking you if you want to taste an apple and then giving you a bite of pumpkin. Not that pleasant of an experience.

Overall: 4.5 out of 10

As a SOUR ALE: 3 out of 10


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