Golden Wheat Ale (Telegraph Brewing Co.)

After having tried the Reserve Wheat, I figured I might as well try it’s “plain jane” cousin Golden Wheat Ale. Just like RWA, Golden Wheat Ale has a 5.0% ABV.

**I couldn’t find anything about this beer on their website. Hmm…**

Golden Wheat Ale pours a tannish yellow with a frothy head. The head was an inch and a half of “lemon chiffon” yellow that left behind plenty of sticky lacing.

Some odd smells and some of the norm were both readily available in the nose of this beer. Sweet corn and grain were the first to step up to the plate. Hints of asparagus and caramel were next, with the addition of the caramel to the sweet corn reminding me caramel popcorn. As the beer warmed honey became noticeable in the scent.

The taste is big on honey, with the sweet/cream corn flavor appearing right behind it. A faint woody/grainy flavor pops up at the end to balance out the sweetness. The overall impression of this beer reminded me of a Bit o’Honey candy.

Mouthfeel is wicked bubbly, but light. The heavy lacing tries to coat your throat as you consume it, making me think of the old staying “it sticks to your ribs”.

I was surprised how different this beer was in comparison to the Reserve Wheat. Way more Belgian influence and a completely different flavor profile. Like the brewer Scott said, their beers have a hard time at competitions because they don’t fit into traditional style categories. I agree completely.

Overall: 7

As a WHEAT BEER: 6 out of 10

FOR FANS OF: Harpoon Brewery UFO HEFEWEIZEN, Southern Tier 422 PALE WHEAT ALE, Schlafly HEFEWEIZEN


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