Wild Willie (Bootlegger’s Brewery)

Beer #11 is the beer that I picked up during last call. Wild Willie is a beer that I couldn’t find anything about online…no ABV…no IBUs. Hmmm

Our Golden Chaos soured.

Wild Willie pours a chunky orangeish-brown with no head. No head, what a surprise!

I chose this beer as my last because it was one of the few beers that I hadn’t tried yet that day, but boy am I glad that I did!

The smell on this beer reminded me of a vegetable garden. Vinegar, tomato and orange were all pretty prominent in the smell. Interesting and intriguing.

Orange comes through as the major flavor in the taste. Some green apples also come through (which must be from the souring process). I also detected a faint amount of tomato. Weird.

Mouthfeel is medium to light with a faint tanginess. Mild residue hangs around and reminds you of that time that you drank that beer.

This was one of my favorite beers of the night. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I had little expectations or the fact that it’s just that good. Not too sour, but flavorful (and unique) enough to stand out. Wild Willie is a good way to treat a Golden Chaos.

Overall: 8 out of 10

As an AMERICAN WILD ALE: 8.5 out of 10



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