Beer 30 Light (Melanie Brewing Company)

My roommate surprised me with a can of Beer 30 Light that he bought at the 99¢ Store. I’ve never been the type of man to turn down a free beer, so I gladly excepted it. And I must admit, I was kinda intrigued. Beer 30 Light is a light lager with a 4% ABV.

Nothing official could be found out about this beer.

Beer 30 Light pours a very light straw color. An insanely massive amount of foam poured out of the can and into my glass. After a couple minutes it eventually faded in a few tiny bubbles floating atop the liquid. Lacing is light and soapy.

Hear is where my intrigue started to fade. The nose on this beer smells like straw, fermenting grapes, wet rag/mold and cat urine. Not really appetizing at all.

And here is where I was surprised. Most of us, if not all of us, have had an American macro lager and we know what to expect from them. This is what I expected from Beer 30 Light, but it’s not what I tasted. The taste was a blending of two primary flavors: flat Mountain Dew and white wine/grape juice. An acidity comes through as it warms that really kills the “flavor” of this beer.

Mouthfeel is incredibly light, smooth and goes down as (as it was designed to). It doesn’t leave anything behind as it goes.

I must admit that Beer 30 Light  was better than I expected. But then again, I expected practically nothing from this beer. It’s definitely not the worse “American macro” beer on the market, but it’s nothing something I would ever pay for again.

Overall: 3.5 out of 10

As a LIGHT LAGER: 4.5 out of 10



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One response to “Beer 30 Light (Melanie Brewing Company)

  1. dave bonner

    derfdad 6 minutes ago


    Beer 30 has come to Las Cruces NM. I found it at Porter Rd Chuckys. It is definitely on the bottom shelf. $12.99 a box! That strange taste is like grape Koolaide to me. You’ve heard of an after taste? The fruity taste is a “fore taste”. Then it tastes just like light beer. What a welcome change!!! A fore taste!
    I absolutely love it! Cool and refreshing! Low alcohol-Cool. I didnt want to get drunk-just drink a cold beer in the hot desert. Can’t to wait to try the Ice when I do want a buz. I love the purple cans. Box is blue. My personal taste runs Keystone Light and Bud Ice for the two occasions. You will love it or hate it!! MORE
    dave bonner

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