Triple Exultation (Eel River Brewing)

Triple Exultation is one of the many certified organic beers from California’s Eel River Brewing company. This award-winning Old Ale has an original gravity of 24.0 P and an ABV of 9.7%.

Eel River Brewing Company’s award winning Triple Exultation Ale is what is known as an “Old Ale.” Old Ales are an English style of dark, rich and sweet ale, typically with flavors of soft, curranty fruit and blackstrap molasses. Theakston’s Old Peculiar is a typical British version from our book. What makes the Triple Exultation SO different & typically American is that Ted has added a ton of hops to ramp up the IBU’s to about 100! This beer is not your grandfathers Old Ale! (if he were a Brit) This is the Ozzy Osbourne of Old Ales baby, and it is delicious! This was the first keg to blow Friday and Saturday this year at the Holiday Ale Fest and for a reason, it is awesome!

Triple Exultation pours a ruby/mahogany color with a cola-colored head. The head quickly fades to a one inch ring of foam with thick patches floating across the surface. Plenty of carbonation is present with lacing clinging ’til the very end.

If you went into this beer knowing nothing about it you would know one thing for certain after taking your first sniff: this is one big beer! The nose is full of brandy, Fig Newtons, chocolate-covered cherries and brown sugar. I kept going back to the idea of this beer being full of Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

Just like the nose on this beer, the taste is equally as big. I picked up molasses, brown sugar and dark fruits (figs/raisins). There is a dark chocolate aftertaste that helps perpetuate the Hershey’s syrup idea.

The odd thing about this beer is I didn’t detect the nearly 100 IBUs in either the nose or taste.

Mouthfeel is syrupy and medium-to-thick. It dries out your mouth and sits on your tongue.

Triple Exultation is a definite sipper of a beer. It’s a nice representation of the Old Ale and one that encompasses all I’ve come to expect of the style: Big smells, big flavor and big alcohol.

Overall: 7 out of 10

As an OLD ALE: 8.5 out of 10

FOR FANS OF: North Coast OLD STOCK ALE, Hair of the Dog ADAM, Fuller’s VINTAGE ALE


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