La Folie 2009 (New Belgium Brewing)

Oops, it looks like this didn’t get posted the other day.  Well, better late than never.

The final day of September’s THEME WEEK is here and it brings us another Lips of Faith beer. Day 7’s brew: La Folie.

La Folie is labeled as a sour brown ale, but is actually a Flanders red ale (according to  This wood-aged beer clocks in at 6% ABV.

La Folie Wood-Aged Biere, is our original wood-conditioned beer, resting in French Oak barrels between one and three years before being bottled. Peter Bouckaert, came to us from Rodenbach – home of the fabled sour red. Our La Folie emulates the spontaneous fermentation beers of Peter’s beloved Flanders with sour apple notes, a dry effervescence, and earthy undertones. New in 2010, we’ll do a single bottling of La Folie for the year. Collect the 22oz unique to 2010 designed bottle and start a yearly wood-aged collection of goodness.

La Folie pours a delectable chestnut brown with a cocoa head.  The head starts at half an inch then quickly fades away to a film.  It reminded me of a porter.  Plum highlights appear when you hold the glass up to the light.

The nose on this beer is sour as all get out!  Vinegar, bing cherries and Cherryhead candies.  I also picked up notes of pear and clay.

Good god that is a sour beer!  From the first sip of the beer my mouth puckered instantly (it was like biting a lime), which reminded me of a Warhead candy.  The overall flavor of the beer is of grapes and cherries with mild wood notes.  An amazingly flavorful and sour ale.

Mouthfeel is very dry and practically evaporates the beer from your mouth.  What remains of the liquid will find a way to cling to the inside of your cheeks.

La Folie is my first foray into the world of the Flanders red ale style and it definitely won’t be my last.  This is hands down my favorite beer of the Lips of Faith series and the biggest surprise of this month’s THEME WEEK.

Overall: 8.5 out of 10

As a FLANDERS RED ALE: 9 out of 10




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