Death Valley Pale Ale (Indian Wells Brewing Company)

Death Valley Pale Ale is a California pale ale from Indian Wells Brewing Company.

Death Valley Desert Pale Is a classic pale ale made with lots 2-row malt and hopped with clean Cascade hops from Yakima Valley. If you’re a fan of California Pale Ales; you going to love this beer!

This beer pours a light amber with a massive off-white foamy head.  Honeycomb bubbles fill the two inches of foam.  Tiny carbonation bubbles are also present.

The nose on this beer reminded me of a macro pilsner with the smell of Czech hops dominating.  I also picked up slight honey and floral hop notes.  Piney hops and a mild roastiness come through more as it opens up.

Piney hops came through in the flavor before I even had time to process what was happening.  There’s also a sweetness that might be honey or possibly from some kind of English malts.  It’s almost like a hoppy English Pale Ale.  There is a hard water taste that comes through in the back-end and really hurts the flavor of this beer.

Mouthfeel is tin with a distracting bite.  It dries the mouth out, but thankfully evaporates quickly.

Death Valley Pale Ale is a jumble of flavors that don’t always fit together.  It seems as if they had a bunch of good ideas, but couldn’t quite figure out how to make them work out.

Overall:  3 out of 10

As an AMERICAN PALE ALE:  3 out of 10


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