Fluxus 2009 (Allagash Brewing Company)

Fluxus is a limited (anniversary) release beer from the Allagash Brewing Company.  Brewed in the saison/farmhouse ale style, but with the inclusion of a few unique ingredients.  The 2009 batch of Fluxus clocks in with a mighty 10% ABV.

Fluxus: (fluk-suhs) -noun, Latin.

  1. a flowing or flow
  2. a continuous change, passage or movement

Allagash Fluxus is a beer of continuous change. It is brewed differently every year to commemorate our anniversary. Fluxus ’09 was brewed in the style of the traditional Saison. For our twist, we added sweet potatoes, black pepper and a generous amount of hops. Sweet potatoes not only enhance it’s pale orange appearance, they contribute significant body. Centennial hops produce a bold grapefruit aroma, which is followed by a mild honeysuckle sweetness. The intensity of both the pepper and hops are felt throughout, leaving a lingering warmth on the tongue. Papya, citrus and pepper dominate the flavor profile.

I must be honest in saying that I was worried when I uncorked my bottle of Fluxus 2009.  I had just spent $18 dollars on a “special” beer for a party we were having and here I am being greeted by the scents of Saaz hops (think your typical green-bottle beer like Heineken or Pilsner Urquall).   This was not was I was expecting and very off-putting.  I could also pick up slight Belgian sugar notes, so I didn’t completely give up hope.

My hopes brightened a little more when I poured out the beautiful peach colored liquid.  A mildy foamy film clung to the surface and lacing was mild.

The taste really changed my mind.  It was light and airy,  like a standard Belgian ale, but with a spicy back-end.  Both the sweet potatoes and pepper could be tasted, and actually completed the saison flavors.  By this point I happy with my purchase.

The mouthfeel is bitey, but not alcoholic or hot.  Just plain bitey.  Spiciness lingers in your throat long after the drink has been swallowed.

Fluxus is a very unique beer.  It’s like a saison and a Belgian mated, then dosed their child in sweet potatoes and pepper.  I apologize for the horrible analogy.  Anyway, as tasty as this beer is, as it warms up it loses that refreshing bite and the “green beer” smells comes out more.  I would recommend that this beer be consumed chilled (Allagash recommends between 40-50°F).

Overall: 8 out of 10

As a SAISON/FARMHOUSE ALE: 8.5 out of 10

FOR FANS OF: Bison Brewing FARMHOUSE ALE, Brewery Ommegang HENNEPIN, Lost Abbey RED BARN,


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