Alaskan Stout (Alaskan Brewing Co.)

Alaskan Stout is a year-round offering from the Alaskan Brewing Company. This malty beverage has a 1.065 OG, 28 IBUs and 5.7% ABV.

The unique blend of the oats and malts in Alaskan Stout produce a balanced, smooth beer with hints of coffee and caramel.

The beer pours a deep brown, nearly black color with mild carbonation clinging to the side of the glass. A delicious crown of cream-colored foam tops the liquid and stays around for a while. The typical cascading effect sadly does not occur with this lovely looking stout.

Chocolate scents lead in the nose. Hints of dark chocolate and bakers chocolate dance among the oatmeal and CO2 notes. Mild burnt notes are also present.

The Alaskan Brewing Co. has done a fine job of blending the chocolate and oatmeal flavors in this beer. The burnt notes come through in the back-end, but thankfully don’t do much to dry out this tasty beverage.

Now this is a creamy beer! The liquid slides over your tongue like a refreshing glass of chocolate milk. There is a syrupy clinginess that hangs around, but luckily it doesn’t dry out your mouth.

Alaskan Oatmeal Stout isn’t the best in its category, but it is a respectable entry. And for the price (about $9 for a six-pack), you can’t really go wrong.

OVERALL: 6.5 out of 10
As an OATMEAL STOUT: 6.5 out of 10



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