Slipknot 2009 (Full Sail Brewery)

Slipknot Imperial IPA is part of the brewmaster’s reserve.  It’s only available January to mid march and has an ABV of 7.8%. This bottle is from the 2009 batch.

As the name implies, every aspect of this American style IPA is amplified – from the upfront hop aroma and bitterness to the big malt body. This year we pumped up the American citrus-fruity hop character with Warrior, Summit, and Brewer’s Gold hops. Pale, crystal and Munich malts add the punch of malt and mouth feel to balance the hops. The golden-orange hue glows like the late winter Available in 22oz. bottles and draught. ABV 7.8% IBU 80

This is a heady beer! A massive pile of foam filled the glass as the beer chugged in. It clung to the sides of the glass like a crème colored honeycomb.  The beer itself has a nice copper color, which when held to the light reminded me of pink grapefruit juice.

The aroma is similar to your standard American IPA’s.  Smells of pine and grass are the predominate notes, but I also encountered slight rye like scents.

The 80 IBUs are definitely present in the flavor. Pine notes flood the palate as you sip the brew.  As strange as it might seem, I also got hints of cheddar cheese, or more specifically Cheez-Its.  But this was not a bad thing.  There is a slight warmth, but not the typical alcoholic warmth. Interesting. And like I said there are also mild hints of rye and crackers in the taste.

The mouthfeel is sticky. Not a heavy stickiness, but a stickiness none the less.  There is a definite drying sensation that becomes more apparent as the beer warms up.

Slipknot Imperial IPA is a decent beer.  It has the typical imperial burn and bite, but not the extreme ABV’s that they normally produce.  Although, for the price ($2.69 for a 22 oz.) it’s hard to turn down.

Overall: 5.5 out of 10

As an IMPERIAL IPA: 6.5 out of 10

FOR FANS OF: Southern Tier INIQUITY, Stone RUINATION, Dogfish Head 60 MINUTE IPA,


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