Abita Christmas Ale 2009 (Abita Brewing Company)

The final (late) winter seasonal beer review!

Abita Christmas Ale is, you guessed it, the winter seasonal from Louisiana’s own Abita Brewing Company.

Christmas Ale (November – December) rounds out our calendar. Generally, this beer is a dark ale, however, the recipe changes each year, offering a unique product crafted with special care. Enjoy your holidays with Abita Christmas Ale. The spicy character is excellent with traditional holiday foods such as gingerbread or spiced nuts. Try some Blue cheese or a creamy Camembert with a Christmas Ale.

Christmas Ale smells of spruce tips, caramel and biscuit malts.  The spruce blast hits you the moment you open the beer, but as it mellows the malt dominates the flavor.

The beer pours an enticing mahogany color, with faint ruby highlights.   A dense egg-shell white head sits atop the liquid, with mild-to-thick lacing sticking around after the beer is consumed.

The pine/spruce taste dominates the flavor.  However, it’s not bitey like an IPA, it’s just sprucey.  The malts that were present in the smell are almost nonexistent in the flavor, but do keep it from venturing into the IPA/Pale Ale territory.

Mouthfeel is thick, but not chewy or sticky.  Also, there is no burn or alcoholic bite on the back-end.

Although this tastes just like a pine tree, this isn’t necessarily what I would consider a Christmas beer.  I would have been more taken aback had I not just tasted the hop bomb that is the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.   Abita Christmas Ale is another winter beer that probably won’t be coming back to my home for the holidays.

Overall:  6.5 out of 10

As a SPICED ALE: 5.5 out of 10


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