Shipyard Summer Ale (The Shipyard Brewing Company)

I originally picked up a six-pack of the Shipyard Summer Ale because of its catchy label.  A lobster dressed as a sailor, drinking a mug of beer, while sitting on the beach?!?!  That’s a pretty fantastic idea, if you ask me.  This American wheat beer is Shipyard Brewing‘s summer seasonal and has a 5.1% ABV.

Shipyard Summer Ale is a traditional American wheat beer.  With its inviting golden color, mellow malted wheat flavor and less-hoppy characteristics, it’s sure to please those looking for a clean, cool taste sensation on long hot summer days.

Summer Ale pours a golden sunshine color.  Little to no carbonation is present, but it has a foamy white head.  Lacing is quite apparent as well.

The nose is very mild.  Originally, I only smelled the malt, but after a few more sniffs I picked up hints of banana and bubble gum.  Interesting.

Summer Ale has mild tastes of cloves and malt.  And that’s about it.  This beer reminds me more of a pilsner than a wheat beer.  It’s actually kinda bland and left me wanting more (from it, not of it).

Mouthfeel is light bodied, with a little bit of bite in the back-end.  A slight, and I mean slight, warming sensation comes near the finish.

Shipyard Summer Ale is a misleading brew.  It claims to be a wheat beer, but I barely got that at all in the tasting.  I think of it as more of a pilsner or a light ale.  It could be a good session beer because of its light body and easy drinkability, but sadly it’s lacking on the flavor side of the equation.

Overall: 4 out of 10

As a WHEAT BEER: 2.5 out of 10

On a slightly different note…I’m not sure if I got a bad six-pack or what, but my Shipyard Summer Ales were almost undrinkable straight from the bottle.  When drinking from the bottle there was a heavy “glassy” taste in each drink.  Once the beer was poured into a glass, and thus out of the bottle, it tasted a LOT better.  Hopefully, for all other drinkers of this beer, I just got a bad batch of bottles.  Might have to try this again come this summer time.


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