Old Chub (Oskar Blues Brewery)

Old Chub is a Scottish Style Ale from the fine folks at Oskar Blues Brewery.  This dark beer has a 8.0% ABV and comes in an eye-catching aluminum can.

Old Chub is a Scottish strong ale brewed with hearty amounts of seven different malts, including crystal and chocolate malts, and a smidge of US and UK hops. Old Chub also gets a dash of beechwood-smoked grains imported from Bamburg, Germany, home of the world’s greatest smoked beers. Old Chub is 8% alcohol by volume.

The beer pours a thick, dark black. It’s almost opaque, but when held to the light, some purples come through.  This made me think of grape juice.  Weird.  A massive cola colored head sets sentry on top of the glass for a minutes after the initial pour.  Lacing is mild.

Like most Scottish-style ales, this one has hints of grapes, wine  and even a little licorice in the nose.  The first time I tried this beer I smelled hints of rubber (bicycle tires), but then again I had been drinking that night.

Old Chub is an interesting beer. Much, much thinner than I expected, but quite warm.  The alcohol warmth was the first thing I noticed when drinking this beer.  The wine taste is present in a fashion that is more subdued than what I’m used to with this style of beer.  Other flavors of raisin and chocolate were also noted.  The chocolate notes becoming WAY more apparent as the beer warmed up.

Mouthfeel is surprisingly thin and foamy.  Like I said before, the alcohol warmth is over-powering and might be a turn off to those who aren’t expecting it.

All in all, Old Chub feels like a little brother to your typical Scottish Ale.  The ingredients are there, but aren’t quite as “extreme” as you would expect from this style.  Perhaps this has something to do with the canning process.  However, Old Chub could be a good gateway beer for someone who wants to try the style, but is intimidated by the high ABV’s and overpowering flavor of a standard Scottish Ale.

Overall: 6.5 out of 10

As a SCOTTISH ALE: 6 out of 10


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