Minden Maibock (Karl Strauss Brewery)

Minden Maibock is another Karl Strauss seasonal (I’d imagine the Spring seasonal, but I can’t say for certain). This one clocks in at an agreeable 5.6% ABV.

A medium-bodied German lager with Vienna and Munich malts that give it a firm toasted maltiness and clean finish.

Minden is an enticing tan color.  I couldn’t help but think of iced tea and that alone made my mouth water.  The head is very slight and quickly faded to a modest layer of foam.

Sugar is the primary smell in the nose.  Caramel is there, but low key.

The taste is that of butterscotch.  Kinda like a candy you’d find at your grandmother’s house!  Sweet like Belgian sugars.  Yummy!

The mouthfeel is medium with no bitterness, warmth, or stickiness.  Very clean.

Minden Maibock was a great finisher; sweet enough to be considered a dessert beer, but one that isn’t as thick as a stout or porter.  This is a dessert that I wouldn’t mind having seconds of!

Overall: 7 out of 10

As a MAIBOCK: 8 out of 10

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