Hot Rocks Lager (Port Brewing Co.)

Hot Rocks Lager comes to us from the people at Port Brewing Company and Tonya Cornett of Bend Brewing Co. A collaborative project brewed using the process of throwing glowing hot rocks into the wort in order to cause the pot to boil.  I’m quite intrigued to try what the German’s refer to as a “stein beer”.

***Sadly, you can’t see the full extent of the Hot Rocks Lager’s head in this photo, but you can see the label better in this one.***

Hot Rocks has a traditional, malty smell and comes in at a slightly above average 6.5% ABV.  Subtitle hints of bread-crumbs and chocolate hide in the nose.   The beer pours with a surprisingly dark brown color, with subtle hints of ruby red (when held to the light).  The head is thick, tan and full of carbonation.  Lacing is heavy and hangs on the side of the glass like spider webs.  Interesting.

The taste of the Hot Rocks is a mixed bag.  It starts with an alcoholic bite (similar to a Scottish Ale), then there are flavors that are normally reserved for a mild porter.  Although lighter than a porter, the taste is chock full of malt and dark chocolate subtleties.  The mouthfeel is light with a hint of bitter that lies on your tongue, but leaves very little dryness.  Slight hints of apple make an appearance in the aftertaste.

I would think that Hot Rocks Lager would be a good transition from lagers to heavier beers, like porters or stouts.  The Port Brewing Co.’s Hot Rocks Lager is a nice companion to either one of those beer styles.

Overall: 6.5 out of 10

As a LAGER: 6.5 out of 10

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